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At Extreme Friesian Stables, we pride ourselves on breeding KFPS Royal Friesians and BPS Baroque Pintos that epitomize both beauty and agility. Each horse is a testament to our commitment to excellence, crafted to perform and dazzle in any arena.

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At Extreme Friesian Stables, we merge the worlds of elegance and sport-ability, crafting a legacy of equine excellence. Our horses, known for their majestic beauty and athletic prowess, are bred with a focus on superior quality and performance. Each Friesian and Baroque Pinto embodies the grace and power that make them not just horses, but partners in the equestrian arts.

Join our community of passionate horse lovers and experience the thrill of connecting with these magnificent creatures. Whether you’re a seasoned equestrian or a newcomer to the world of horse riding, Extreme Friesian Stables offers an unparalleled journey into the heart of equine culture.

Embark on a journey of discovery with Extreme Friesian Stables, where each visit brings you closer to the dream of owning an exceptional equine athlete. Our breeding program is designed to produce horses that not only meet but exceed the highest standards of the Friesian and Baroque Pinto breeds. From their striking appearance to their dynamic abilities, our horses are poised to excel in competitive and recreational riding alike.

Explore the potential of our horses and immerse yourself in a world where beauty meets functionality. Extreme Friesian Stables is not just about breeding; it’s about creating lasting bonds between horses and riders, fostering a deep appreciation for the sport and the animals that make it possible.

What Our Clients Say


‘Riding a Friesian from Extreme Friesian Stables is like stepping into a dream where grace and power blend seamlessly. The majestic presence and responsive nature of these horses are simply unparalleled.’

– Leeann C.


Beautiful well taken care of horses and friendly staff. The passion and knowledge that the owners have for the horses is incredible.

– Mitch P., Equestrian Enthusiast

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Featured Horses for Sale

For Sale

Price Upon Request

Stunning KFPS FULL PAPERED Friesian Filly • Yearling • Multiple Model/Champion Bloodlines


Wolfort 467 Sport AAA x Teade 392 Sport x Tsjerk 328 Sport Pref 

Extreme Friesian Stables, North America

For Sale

Price Upon Request

Elegant KFPS Friesian Gelding • 5 Years Old • Multi-Discipline Potential


Jesse 435 Sport Elite A x Feike 395 Sport x Monte 378 Sport

This is a very special boy!

Extreme Friesian Stables, North America

For Sale

Price Upon Request

KFPS FULL PAPERED Friesian Mare • 2 Years Old • Ideal for Dressage


Julius 486 Sport Elite AAA x Monte 378 Sport x Jochem 259 Sport Pref

Extreme Friesian Stables, North America

For Sale

Price Upon Request

KFPS FULL PAPERED Friesian Filly • Yearling • Very Friendly 


Teun 505 Sport AAA x Jesse 435 Sport-Elite A x Monte 378 Sport

This is filly has lots of hair!

Extreme Friesian Stables, North America

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